If you’re coming from Pointe-a-Pitre, follow directions to Deshaies. You’ll be taking routes N1 and after N2 (N2 is where you’ll be spending most of your drive). Just continue on the road following the curvy turns for about 20 miles (36km). There are lots of roundabouts, so just continue at the 12 o’clock direction. You’ll know you’re in Deshaies once the road splits and you have to cross a small village (it’s a one lane street–you’ll see it!). Continue straight for approx. five minutes. There’ll be a sign on the left saying Jardin Botanique–you’re close so keep your eyes open. You’ll see a sign “Le Morne Aux Fous” on the left hand side of the road (1000ft / 300m after the garden). Turn left onto that road, continue straight down the road for one or two minutes. You’ll see a a white “Gite” sign on the left after having gone down a really steep hill. That’s your destination. 


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